Judson isd bond


Donovan Mahler


As of november 8th the most expensive bond since 2001 was passed. With this bond being 345.3 million dollars there are a lot of opportunities that have opened up for the schools in this district. The main thing that is stated the bond will be used for is the security of the whole district. Quotted by Jeanette Ball, “recent events have made us realize that we must act to ensure we have strong prevenative measures in place and that we can respond quickly and appropriately should an emergency situation occur”.

Not everyone agrees that security should be the only thing that gets changed and/or improved.

   When asked what they money should be put twards Mr.Libby quotes ” It should be prioritized by the district to improve certain infrastructure that needs to be corrected to technology that needs to be updated”.

    Later he was asked what careers/programs should be finacially supported more or created here at wagner his response was “I think we have a great core when it comes to opportunities when it comes to the tech side of things and the manufacturing side with construction and welding programs and to just keep enhancing those”.

    Another opinion coming from Ms.Moreno-Escalera when asked about the bond. She says when asked how does she feel about the bond being the most expensive bodn since 2001 she quotes “from a realistic standpoint they’re going to make another school or fix the school that we already have”.

   When asked about what careers should be added or expanded on she says “nursing should definitely be one because it’s something everyone could be good at male and female”.

   Another question that was asked was what after school programs should we bring to the school and she said “it would be nice to have a boys and girls program when on certain days they do different activity’s such as on one day theyre watching a movie to where another day they’re playing sports outside just something for everyone to do if they dont have the money or means to do it at home”.

   If you had the choice to spend this amount of money for the school, what would it be spent on?

   But as of now no one knows what the money would be spent on because as of now Dr.Ball, superintendent of Judsonisd, has resigned with a leave pay of 140,000 dollars and no reasoning behind it. There are strong tensions on social media over the whole situation regarding the resignation. Somethings that were said about the resignation were “personal reasons” and “no comment”. Board president, Jennifer Rodriguez, said that she could not discuss what led to Dr.Ball’s resignation. Hoping that Dr.Ball left on a good note and with someone that would know what to do with the bond money this could be a good thing for our district.