The All Star Player’s


Amirah Graves , Staff Writer

Nate western and Markel Ford’s football team usually knows how there chapter ends, but this time, they have made sure to rewrite the ending .Football has had plenty of Cinderella Story over time, with tales of plucky underdogs succeeding against all the odds being passed down from generation to generation. They don’t always end up with a trophy or indeed a glass slipper at the end, but all are tales which warm the heart. ’We’ve worked with a great group of guys and have waited a long time for a moment like this’ ’Nate said. The coaches have worked hard to get their  technique down and implement it into the game. They put all their past mistakes behind them and kept the train rolling. Nate and Markel say they are excited to see what the future holds for the team but feels that it is now there time and there turn to prove to everyone what they have to offer and give now there’s always time of improvement but now they have got invited to play in front of lots of d1 scoots and prove to them why there the best. And with being the best markel says “knowing the game is never over until it’s over, there’s always a chance to come back no matter the score’’ and to keep that confidence up that comes with great responsibility and having the mindset that ‘’never underestimate your opponent and treat every team with the utmost respect because any team is capable of anything on any given night….. If you give them the chance” nate says.

 these two were just freshmen and now there are the senior captains for the Wagner High School Football Team. these two prove “hard work pays of” as they showed up and out these year showing everyone and the coaches that “being versatile and being able to play whatever position coach needs them to play” Nate says. they have not only achieved one of their biggest goals but they have also got to a point where they have more opportunities moving forward with their lives and careers after high school.