Wagner’s Own Player Of The Week

Juan’Yae Is For Real

Amirah Graves , Staff Writer

Juan’Yae was authored the best performance by any wide receiver as the first player since the 1940’s to rush for as many touchdowns in 1 game this season, making 129 yards, four touchdowns and a whopping 10 carries in Friday nights game against San Marcos.

Juan’Yae currently stands as the first player in years to make 4 touchdowns in one game and make player of the city and after losing the pre-season games he says “this year is his year .” He made his point by going out on the field and winning our first at-home game and making the game-winning touchdown. At the time the other team keot the score tied leading us into overtime leaving all the preasure on Juan’Yae. In the time being off the field Juan’Yae was thinking “I’ve made new connections with the coaches, seen other people’s struggles, and Iv’e know where they’ve been through on the field and gotten to where they are now. So he says it’s  his time now. ”his coach telling him before he went on the field “let’s go out there and win”. moments later BOOM Juan’Yae brings home the win.

Juan’Yae’s picture wasn’t always so picture perfect. He did get injured on his left knee last year he had torn his meniscus and some may say “why didn’t he just give up” he says what kept him motivated during the time he was injured was his mother, “telling him to keep moving forward to prove to himself and everyone else who he really is” and he mentally felt like he knew he had a different type of bond with the sport and at the time he knew the bond was getting even stronger not being on the field.

When he get’s back on his feet he made mistakes here and.There so he kept working on his craft and coutiues working on getting better in hard time situations but football will forever be his sport. He kept his confidence up and played without any worry and always told himself “let it come naturally”. It did come back to him so i asked him after the game ‘how does it feel to bring in our first home game win” he says ,“It’s a special feeling obviously”. “But then again you can’t do it without your teammates and you can’t do it without the coaching.”


Photo Credits To Brandon Vazquez Diaz