The new Ed Sheeran album is out now. Let’s review it.

Dimaia Davis, Junior, Staff Writer

Superstar Ed Sheeran has finally released an album on October 29th, 2021 following his 4-year break after the “÷” album release. This new album which is titled “=” has already taken the charts by storm.

The last album that Ed Sheeran released stayed on the charts for 36-weeks. The “÷”  had many honorable songs and people that had featured in his song such as “Shape of you” and even had Beyonce do a feature to his infamous song “Perfect”. The global success of this album made his newest album super anticipated by many. This beautifully crafted album has a lot of versatility.

The newest album that has been released had a realistic and emotional aspect that might even bring you to tears. This new album has many different layers from hopeful futures to regretful past. The overall vibe of the album varies from the type of   Ed Sheeran has a level of vulnerability that feels like we are seeing into his heart, you see this in songs such as “Love In Slow Motion” and “Visiting Hours”.  Ed Sheeran even talks about his kid and how he wants to provide for his daughter.

The next thing Ed Sheeran plans to do after the “=” album release is to release 10 ‘symbol’ albums in the next couple of years. He stated that they won’t all be number-based but will still follow the symbol theme and ideas.