Tbirds vs. Antonian Prep Varsity Basketball Game

Amirah Graves, Freshman, Staff Writer

Tuesday night the TBirds went against Antonian Prep for their first non-district home game of the season. Austin Nunez started the game off by making the first layup.The T Birds were hustling through the whole game nonstop making 3 point shots hanging with Antonian. As the T Birds went into halftime they pushed into the last 3 point shot Kevin went up for the shot the ball hit the rim then bounced off. In the last five seconds on the clock the scores were tied. The seniors dominated the game and showed their leadership as Austin Nunez put up 26 points, 10 rebounds,and 2 assists, Kevin Garcia 22 points,10 rebounds, Eddie Fernandez 10 points, and 2 assists and Ibraham Hassan with 10 rebounds. 

Although the T Birds fell short with an end game score of 74-75 for Antonian, the game showed the boys’ potential as the close game was against one of the highest ranking teams in the city. The next home game will be Friday, December 18th, at 7:00 pm against Cole High School. It will be the last home game until December 27th when the TBirds play John Paul II Catholic High School.