Exciting Hammer Bowl 2021 ends in one point loss for TBirds

Giuliana Menchaca, Sophomore, Staff Writer

On Friday, November 5, 2021, the Wagner Thunderbirds (5-1) faced off against the Judson Rockets at D.W. Rutledge Stadium for the annual Hammer Bowl. 

The Thunderbirds started the game off strong with their first touchdown of the game within the first five minutes of play. The touchdown catch from junior Mark’el Ford put the Thunderbirds at 7-0 early on in the first quarter. After Judson was forced to turn the ball over, another touchdown by the Thunderbirds was scored by Quentin Owens, which increased Wagner’s lead by 14-0. 

The 23- yard was run by Joshua Collazo CB, the 32- yard touchdown was run by Isaiah Williams quarterback, The 27- yard pass to Joshua Collazo, The 38- yard touchdown pass to Mark’el Ford SB. In the 13-yard to-ball pass to Joshua Collazo doing a 9- yard touchdown pass it was passed to Isaiah Williams. Quentin Owens FB scored the 64- yard touchdown and a 15-yard run. The three top three offenses are Isaiah Williams #11 quarterback, Quentin Owens #5, and #4 Joshua Collazo. The Player of the game was Quentin Owens. Isaiah Williams scored two touchdowns, Quentin Owens #5 carried 29, his rush yds were 153, yard/ carry was 5.3, and touchdowns scored by Quentin Owens was 1. #4 Joshua Collazo carried 4, he rushed 46 yards, such as he yards/carry it was 11.5, and touchdowns that were scored by Joshua Collazo was 1 touchdown. Wagner’s total yards was 492, total passing yards was 92, rushing yards was 400. Judson on the other hand their total yards was 335, total passing yards was 199, rushing yards was 136. On the third-down, Wagner scored 12-16 and Judson scored 3-6, the number of turnovers that Wagner had to do was 3 turnovers. Wagner fumbled 3 times to bring the Hammer Bowl. The Wagner Thunderbirds lost with a score of 42 and the Judson Rockets won with a score of 43.