Dune Review: How the story was shockingly amazing

Kyra Kimball, Junior, Staff Writer

Dune, a story in which we see the mythical part of a hero’s journey recently came out on the big screens, although many viewers were not expecting it to meet their high expectations, it took them by surprise with its amazing premiere. The film Dune is best known for being a retake on the books, which shocked many viewers with the creativity and effort put into making the movie just as enthralling for the audience! The movie mirrored the books in its own way but also had some characters taken out, though this made it better for the story flow overall. Though overall the movie met the high expectations and even more for the overall release and followed the original tale that many know and love.  

Dune was overall a spectacular movie in which captivated the audience starting years in the future, 20,000 to be exact, and gave us an intro to who the main characters will be. This prepares the audience and makes a smooth transition for the storyline to proceed as it had in the books while also allowing us to connect with the backstories of Paul all the way to Lady Jessica. Dune was not only able to tell us the tale, but it also included the key factors in which the books had based around, the giant sandworms and the ever so sought for spice while also adding in new aspects and characters in a very presentable manner that drew the attention of the audience.

The audience was also taken by surprise as gasps escaped their mouths when the storyline led to the giant Sandworms aka “Shai-Hulud” appearing from the ever-so-detailed desert sands, even the ones who were expecting the beast to make an appearance. The movie itself had a wonderful take on the book, but even the quality and detail in the film were more than up to part. The smallest details in the background such as the outfits the characters wore that reflected the desert life even down to the fine grains of sand just showed how much effort was actually put into creating the film. This gave the watcher an in-depth perception of the film even if they had not read the books by giving them an in-depth picture almost as if they themselves were standing in the deserts of Arrakis.

Overall, Dune was able to present the storyline in an indulging way that made even changes to the original storyline acceptable and gave the overall viewers a taste of excitement and wonder as they wait for part two of the journey. The movie lasted 2 hours and 35 minutes and many were shocked to see that this was only part one of the tale, due to them following the storyline. The film was able to portray the good and the bad, while also giving the watchers an exciting storyline that had a large number of twists and turns. It is definitely worth the price of going to a theatre and seeing it and will surely make your day!