Far Cry 6 might be one of the best video games of 2021

Emily Sustaita, Freshman, Staff Writer

On Thursday, Oct 7, Ubisoft released the sixth installment to the far cry series named Far Cry 6 and would later become one of the best games of the year 2021. Far Cry 6 is set on a Caribbean island in Cuba called Yara, which is ruled by a powerful dictator named “El Presidente” Anton Castillo and his son Diego. The player named Dani Rojas takes a role as a guerrilla fighter in the guild called the “Libertad” guerrilla movement, who are planning to bring down Castillo and his leadership to the island. During all this, Castillo is trying to raise his son to follow his rules and become a greater dictator than him. On the other hand, Diego does not want to become like his father and just wants to leave Yara and be free from his father.

I had fun playing this game in my free time and the amazing graphics of the game always makes the imagery of Yara more beautiful to look at. I liked that you could play in any way you wanted and roam around freely and seek all the secret places and treasures in Yara. At the start of the game, the game makes it clear that exploration is important for your travels because the more you explore the different areas, the powerful you and your weapons can get. I also liked the quality and graphics of the game, it makes the game look so much better and the amount of detail it goes to the structures, the landscapes, and characters are just breathtaking. There are a total of 49 Unique weapons that you can find and collect and use throughout our missions. Every single one has their stats that tell you how much damage, velocity, and stealth they have and you can decide which one you like the most for your missions. They are also various vehicles that you can use if you don’t like walking on foot to your destinations. You can take land vehicles, combat vehicles, watercraft, and aircraft but I personally like using a horse to travel.

All through this game is amazing, there are also some downsides to it that I didn’t like. The story is sometimes uneven and it is hard to concentrate on the main story since they are many side missions you have to take. The game also tries to give out serious messages on the real-world revolutionary strategies to the players but most of the messages fail. This is also because of the comparisons of the story and the actual gameplay. I also didn’t like the father and son relationship between Castillo and his son, Diego, because Castillo is making him do things he does not want to do and forcing him to become like him. Diego just wants to live his life away from his father but he is also scared to escape from him because he has seen all the pain his father has done to people in Yara and does not want to suffer the way they did. Castillo also uses manipulation on Diego and tells him that if he goes to the Guerrillas, he will be tortured by them since he is his son.

All in all, Far Cry 6 has a way to show an experience to players and the price is of the game is $59.99 on the Official UBISOFT website and it is for the Xbox One, Xbox Sx, PlayStation 5 and 4, and PC. The characters, the gore, and beautiful scenery of Far cry 6 mixed with new-gen graphics truly delivers an experience like no other game. I will rate this game an 8/10. I recommend getting a copy of this game, as it might just be the best roleplaying and action game to come out in 2021.