Stu-Co Hosts Wagner’s Annual Blood Drive

Cydney Mumford, Senior, Staff Writer and Photographer

It is that time of the year, and the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center set up shop here at Wagner so that teachers and students alike could donate blood. Blood drives have always been an annual event here at Wagner, but due to covid precautions last year, it was not able to take place. Knowing this, students were more than willing and excited to participate, and possibly save a life with this small, but extremely impactful act. 

The Wagner blood drive began Wednesday morning and happened in the mat room, located in the athletics hall. The event itself was organized and put together by Wagner’s Student Council, but the bulk of the work, such as getting students signed up, making sure South Texas Blood and Tissue Center was able to come to this school, and securing an area for it all to take place, was done by Mrs. Gina Tabbert, the Student Council organizer, and leader. 

After students and teachers signed in with students working the desk, they were called back to a secluded area, to answer a series of questions with a worker from the Blood and Tissue Center. Once cleared they made their way to a seat and began preparing for their blood to be taken. Students waiting in line to have their blood drawn were asked, “How do you feel about donating blood, and what made you want to do it in the first place?” to “Are you scared at all? Do you have any last-minute regrets or jittery thoughts?” Of course, the responses were very mixed, but overall, students were very enthusiastic and happy about being able to participate in this blood drive.

Senior Margaret Johnson letting us know she’s excited to donate blood to the South Texas Blood & Tissue Bank! (photo by Cydney Mumford)

 A few students went in with friends for emotional support and a few went in with a care-free attitude, and even took an opportunity to pose with the blood that was just taken from them.  Senior, blood donor, and student council historian Amarion Renney says, “Well, as a senior I thought it would be a good thing for me to participate seeing as how it is my last year. On top of that, someone always needs blood and even though I am just one person, a single bag of blood from me can make such a big difference.” As well as donating blood, he volunteered to help students back to their classes after they donated blood, and stayed the entire time to help out with the event. When a student or anyone for that matter donates blood, it directly goes to people that need it, such as burn victims, people battling cancer, organ transplant patients and so much more. Although the next blood drive has yet to be scheduled, be on the lookout in your community for opportunities that may be open for you to go out and donate!