[Review] As Good As Dead by Holly Jackson

Aiyana Griffin, Sophomore, Staff Writer

As Good as Dead is the third book of the hit series, A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder. This series is a New York Times Bestselling Series. Currently, the series has three books. The trilogy to the series is about the main character Pip’s investigation of her own stalker which leads to an imprisoned serial killer who supposedly confessed coming after her. 

In the new addition to the series, we get to read more about Pip’s trauma and we are given more insight on what is going to happen to antagonist Max Hastings, and the cause of how everything began with Andie Bell, the subject of Pip’s first case in the first book of the series. This is the first murder mystery series I have ever read and this series has raised my expectations for future murder mystery series. From the plot to the character, to the mysteries this series has me always on the edge of my seat. This book is one of those books that you just can’t seem to put down. This series had me fearing for my life while Pip was fearing for hers. The author Holly Jackson gets the audience so attached to the characters that we begin to feel the same fear and adrenaline the characters feel, which shows how much of a phenomenal writer she is.

Out of all the books I’ve read, I can truly say that I’m scared for this series to come to an end. If I can rate this book from 1-5, I’d rate it a 5 out of 5. If I had to say what this book reminds me of I would automatically have to go with How To Get Away with Murder, especially this book (a light spoiler for those who want to read the book!). If you are into any type of murder mystery I definitely recommend it.