Fiesta 2019


Arianna Santos and Shaelynn Valdez

We decided to do an entry on fiesta because it is such a big part of San Antonio and our culture. Fiesta has been around since 1891 ! that’s 128 years ! San Antonio has many ways of showing off the Hispanic culture and Fiesta is one that brings the whole town together. Fiesta attracts many tourists from far and near. There is many types of traditions that has been adapted since then which is the ¨show me your shoes” where a bunch of kids and adults shout that out at the pretty girls in dresses on the floats. The girls wear funny shoes that are just totally crazy or that they make themselves under their dresses and stick them out to the kids to give them a good laugh. Another tradition we have is the Fiesta Medals ! Many people collect them from different places that sell or give them away. Fiesta is such a big part of San Antonio because it brings everyone together and shows attention to all the bands, dancers, cheerleaders, etc. and many places that are apart of San Antonio !


All the activities to do at fiesta !


  1. The Fiesta Flambeau parade.
  2. The Oyster bake.
  3. NIOSA. (night in old San Antonio).
  4. Taste of New Orleans.
  5. Texas Cavaliers Parade.
  6. Battle of the Flowers
  7. The Carnival.
  8. All the different types of contest and crowning, such as Chilis Queens cook off, La reina de la feria de la Flores, Metals contest, and many more.

Types of food you can’t miss out on for fiesta 2019:

  1. The most famous chicken on a stick is a delicious fried season chicken on a long stick topped with a jalapeno .
  2. Fried shrimp on a stick which is delicious fried savory shrimp on sticks .
  3. Fruit Cups are a classic in San Antonio, they are yummy juicy cut up fresh fruit in a cup they can be seasoned with tajin which is a type of chili powder .
  4. Oysters is one thing everyone looks forward to in San Antonio whenever fiesta rolls around especially since we have the oyster bake at St. Mary’s University .
  5. Ribbon Fries, they are a unique art form of french fries . they truly put curly fries and regular fries to shame !
  6. Turkey legs , these are humongous legs of meat that are very cooked and yummy and you cannot leave fiesta without trying a turkey leg !